Grandmark Glass Initiative

Grandmark Glass is passionate about our country and its future. In order to help develop young potential, we contribute a portion of the proceeds received from every insurance windscreen fitment to improve literacy in South Africa.

As the basis for most learning, the ability to read and interpret text is critical in the development of children and is a significant factor in their ability to acquire knowledge and fulfil their potential.

Living in a technology driven world means that today’s learners also need to be computer literate if they are to participate fully in their communities and the wider society. The unfortunate truth is that the majority of South Africans don’t have access to luxuries like computers and many learners’ only exposure to computing technology will be through their schools. Through our literacy drive, we support organisations that play a crucial role in improving schools’ facilities, resources and administration and ultimately, the lives and literacy levels of their learners.

While Grandmark International’s branches continue to work with their elected regional charities, Grandmark Glass is committed to making a difference to the lives of children through education.